Preaching at Resurrection: A Whole New Year

I really enjoyed preaching at Resurrection on the weekend of December 29 / 30. I preached the evening services and my wife, Nicole, preached the morning services. Here is the video:

What do you think? What was strong? What was weak? What could be improved?

By Andrew Conard

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Andrew, thank you for sharing in this way. I was just struck yesterday while reading Allan Bevere’s blog by a comment he made about the fact that since he is a preacher he does not hear many sermons. What a gift it would be if more preachers posted such videos.

As for strengths, I think the last half or so is where your message is most clear and your connection with what you are saying seems most alive.

I wonder if the verse-by-verse exposition of the Biblical text could be treated in a more summary fashion. Which parts of that particular text are most important for what the Spirit is guiding you to preach in that sermon?

I really liked the interactive elements. I could imagine those being powerful for the congregation.

Finally, while I liked your use of the football game to introduce the sermon, by the end of the sermon it felt incidental or unimportant – tacked on. I don’t know if you could have pulled that thread through the rest of the sermon or used a different image or story to introduce it.

Of course, I’m no expert. I written and delivered exactly zero sermons myself. I hope these comments are helpful.


Andrew, I enjoyed this opportunity to hear you preach. I agree with jmeunier, the interactive parts seemed especially effective and were things that I would have really enjoyed had I been a part of that worship experience.

I was there in live form and I can say I felt the interactive questions were a surprising and exciting addition to the worship experience. I am terrible at reflection and that gave me an accountable way for some introspective thought. I thought the football analogy was good (don’t know if on video you could feel the crowd response, but it was very personal with the humorous connection to the chiefs-strong opener).
All in all a broad topic that I think would be hard to deliver, but I felt Andrew honed it down well. I look forward to watching Nicole’s!

jmeunier – Thanks for the comments. If you are looking for more sermons to watch / listen to you can find the sermons at Resurrection here – and the youth ministry messages here –

Perhaps the key verse for me in this passage is when the magi return to their home via a different way as the result of a dream. I think that this is an amazing example of listening for and responding to God’s guidance.

I think that you are right – it would have been more effective to pull a metaphor / story from the beginning to the end and did not do that here. Thanks for your response. It is very helpful for me πŸ™‚

Jeff – Thanks for your comments and I am glad to hear that you think the interactive pieces went off well. In the worship space it is sometimes hard to tell how people are responding, so it was good to hear both you and jmeunier respond positively to that element.

Jason Gant – I am glad that the football metaphor went well at the beginning, if for nothing else to loosen up the congregation. Also, glad to hear that the interactive / introspective piece was good from your participation in the congregation. πŸ™‚

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