Reflections from Christmas Eve for a New Year

December 24, 2007 was a crazy and wonderful day. As we begin 2008, I want to share some of my reflections and learning just over one week later.

Be ready for anything
I received a mobile phone call around 8:45 AM from Connie, creative director of worship, that Adam was sick and would Nicole and I be willing to step in and lead the services if he was not able to lead them. Our answer was yes. There were two services where we each took the lead in opening worship and doing the parts of the service that Adam would normally do – except for the sermon. It was great e

Allow others to care for you
There were many staff people at Resurrection who expressed their sympathy and concern at the news of the death of my Grandma Alice Conard. Also, at the 5:00 PM service I ended up helping in the Wesley Covenant Chapel which we had planned as overflow, which was needed for that service. At one point, I was kneeling over the tub of candles that was there getting ones ready to hand out to those who were still coming in. Someone asked if needed to go get my robe to be ready to help with the candle lighting ceremony. I said, “No, I’ll get it later.” Then Dave Pullin, said “Go get your robe.” It was very simple, but also very clear – someone else will take care of this. Thanks Dave, for this gift.

Be present
At one of the services, I was sitting on the side of the chancel in the sanctuary ready to step in if Adam was not able to continue. I remember the moment when the choir was singing “All is Well” and the sure feeling that God was with me and that the words of the song were true for me and for all.

Spend time with family
At the final Christmas Eve service, Nicole and I processed in following the acolytes. This had been done each of the prior services by one of the pastors. Nicole was helping in the lighting ceremony and decided to walk down with me, as I was helping to lead that service. We caught the eye of the other halfway down the aisle and it was a special moment. Christmas Eve will be a busy time for us for many years ahead. We are in this together.

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  1. It’s pretty neat to have the opportunity to serve Him in ministry, and it’s an order of magnitude cooler to be able to do it with the love of your life. It’s awesome that we both get to have our partners in life also be our partners in ministry ๐Ÿ™‚

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