2008 Stewardship Campaign Follow Up

Last night I spent several hours making phone calls following up from the 2008 Stewardship Campaign – Simplicity, Generosity and Joy. I was a part of a team that made phone calls to persons who had made a commitment to give in 2007 and had not yet returned a commitment card for 2008. We let the person know that they had made a commitment in 2007 and had not yet returned one this year, then asked if there was anything going on in their family, if there was any way that we could provide care for them or help them fill out an estimate for this year.

I was a little nervous at first, but soon got into a rhythm of making calls. Answers included some of the following and more:

  • I have already turned it in.
  • I do not want to commit this year.
  • My husband has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • I have not gotten to it yet, could you mail out information to us?

The idea is that we are able to connect with people to see if there is anything going on in their life in relationship to their financial commitment to which the church might be able to respond. I found it to be a good way make a brief connection with people, encourage financial commitment and be able to respond to needs of the congregation.

What do you think about an annual stewardship campaign? What type of follow up do you think is most effective?