YouTube, IslamicTube, JewTube, GodTube?

This Sunday, Carolyn, a member at Resurrection asked if I knew about the following sites:

Tere are probably other sites focused on video distribution for a particular faith tradition outside of these three. I had previously known about GodTube, but did not know about the others within different faith traditions. Seeing these other sites makes me recognize that “GodTube” is a bit presumptuous for a Christian themed site, but that is another post…

I think that it would be more effective for video creators of all faiths to utilize YouTube or Google Video to share videos. There is a much wider audience and one that may not be predisposed to a particular way of looking at life. It also recognizes that faith does have something to say to culture and does not need to be segmented from other content.

Thoughts? What is your reaction to these sites?

By Andrew Conard

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Andrew I agree with you that

1) GodTube is a presumptious name for a Christian site


2) I would prefer people of faith to utilize mainstream opportunities for sharing their videos and stories.

Thanks for sharing these other sites! FYI, when I clicked on your IslamicTube link it took me to JewTube.

Andrew and Jeff,
Why do you want to collapse the other sites? Its looks to me to be about cultural and religious identity. They have a centralized location to share video/jokes/stories with folks who share their backgrounds and interests. In fact it looks to me like some Christian posted to the “ask erabbi” a series of questions that included…”doesn’t Jesus complete Judaism?” If they posted on YouTube one question like that would turn into a hundred.

Andrew what does “more effective” mean?

Jeff – Thanks for your response and for the link notice – I have corrected it.

Amy – You make a very valid point and from the identity viewpoint, I agree with you. There is value to creating a safe space to interact and collect cultural memories.

My first take on this issue was that with GodTube there was a parallel media being created that was mirroring a mainstream version. What I meant by more effective in this context was effective in influencing culture and having the potential of reaching those who may not have heard about a particular faith. I also think more effective in being a part of a conversation that involves many different view points.

I really appreciate your viewpoint and I am shifting my thinking a bit on this subject. What do you think?

I agree with Andrew and Jeff in that, if evangelism is a goal of Christian postings on video sites (or any type of sites for that matter), then it certainly makes sense to go to the places where the non/nominally religious are going (youtube).

However, I can certainly understand the desire for a site designed to contain content to nourish our souls or those of our children. There is some really sleazy stuff on youtube that you can stumble upon, even if you’re not looking for it.

As far as the “Godtube” name, it is unfortunate that it’s only being used as a Christian site. However, I’m not sure how you could make it more universal without going too far (IMO), like, which certainly includes some “faiths” that don’t seem to belong on a site called “Godtube”, such as Paganism.

I agree that Godtube is presumptuous, but it’s a pretty good URL to own, so I’m not surprised that it’s a Christian site as something like 90% of all URLs are owned by Americans.

If I had a video that I wanted to post related to Christianity, I would post it on both YouTube and GodTube. You hit two different markets with it. But I have to agree with Andrew some, because I don’t go to GodTube. I go to YouTube. And if I want to find a spiritual video, I’m looking for it on a secular site. I have never even been to GodTube until today, even though I knew it existed.

But I know that Resurrection has their videos on their site. Why aren’t they on YouTube or GodTube? We’re talking about it, but how many posts are actually going up that are of value? If you search for Methodist on YouTube, you only get 3840 responses and 136 on GodTube. However, if you search for “Idiot” you get 54,000 on YouTube and 5 on GodTube. The amount of content between the secular and the spiritual is the big disparity.


I assumed “more effective” meant an evagelistic mission, and this is certianly present (from my 2 min look-see) on the GodTube site. But I would guess it is far down (or absent) on the list of priorities for the other two. Not every faith is out to convert the world like we are (or some of us are).

I would think JewTube and IslamicTube understand their mission much closer to what Kim suggested, a safe place for web video content that would nurture faith and identity. That’s a mission which necessitates a separate site.

I think understanding and education across faiths is very important, but I doubt posting to YouTube would help much. I think it would take an insiders knowledge of tradition, custom, language etc to get much of the religion specific humor. And insiders can always make different )and funnier) jokes/comments than outsiders.

And if education or evangelism is the goal, the creator can post to the secular site.

What should we suggest to GodTube as an alternative? JesusTube is too clunky. (as is IslamicTube. But JewTube? Now that’s catchy!)…SonTube…SundayTube…ChrisTube?

Interesting discussion.

Based on many of the videos I’ve been pointed to on GodTube, (mostly by Reformed bloggers for some reason) I have pretty much assumed it’s sort of a Christian ghetto. The secular world seems, in many respects, to feel the same way.

I think the name is unfortunate, not because of its generic use of ‘God’, but rather because of its opportunistic capitalization on playing off of YouTube.

However, it does seem to be a fairly popular.

I think it’s important to realize, however, what impressions are created when marketing a parallel sub-culture. This link is fairly indicative of many people’s perceptions of Christian marketing, especially when it plays off of secular pop cultural movements.


One of the reasons Resurrection doesn’t have their videos (do you mean sermons videos?) on YouTube is because there is a 10 minute limit on length, (it used to be you could get a specific account without that restriction, but they seem to have removed it…) and sermons generally go for about 35+ minutes. Resurrection has begun hosting their sermons on Blip.TV, which allows for longer episodes, although I’m not sure if one can directly get to them from’s site, or if you have to go through the church’s site.

I would imagine that the reason the shorter promos and missions videos aren’t on either is because they are context specific to the messages and the church respectively, so they would perhaps have little value on YouTube, although probably not much less than the majority of material on YouTube! I personally think they should put the missions videos on YouTube, but that’s just me. 🙂 I also think that some 9:59 sermon promos on YouTube wouldn’t be amiss.

rezlife Student Ministries at Church of the Resurrection has put many of their videos on YouTube, and has begun putting their messages on

That’s all I’ve got. 🙂

I am loving this discussion. I think there are great points offered. I have always struggled with sites labeled as “Christian” or “of God”. I struggle when certain music is labeled “secular” or “Christian”. What makes art Christian anyway, the mention of Jesus, the depiction of his humanly form?

I have found, as I am sure many of you have, so many artistic expressions through media very faith-filled and spiritually-centered in God. I wonder why it is we (meaning those of us who are Christians) often create our own parallel worlds (“ghettos” according to deviant monk-love the term)

I guess it is for two reasons:

1) that each of us (and I am including myself) want to justify our group, cause or belief in a greater way. An “I’m in the club, or I’m at the right table” kind of psyche. I think this unintentionally leads others away from knowing Christ, an exclusive or segregated mentality.

2) we want to express a “living differently” type of faith-life called for by God through Romans. A life that is different that the worlds. I believe this, yet I always seem to fail by somehow expressing God inside my own small box of morality to those who do not yet know him. Does anyone else experience this?

I subscribe to the thought of moving through mainstream avenues with the gospel message. Not that I don’t need to surround myself with “clouds of witnesses” (i.e. worship, my small group, etc.)

I once heard Steve Taylor, noted Christian music producer challenge a very large room full of ministry leaders, (I am paraphrasing his thoughts from what I recall) to raise up artists, musicians, actors, and other entertainment oriented gifting to plan on a career inside the “secular” world that we may be truly raising up a generation of salt and light disciples to integrate the message of Jesus into the mainstream world. I always loved that challenge and even when I get comfortable in my own “Christian Ghetto”, I want someone to come along and shock me back out of my comfort community so that I may truly shed light for others.

What. Is the coverage of innocent person stonings not balanced enough for the militant muslim sects?

Apologies but America doesn’t need another bad copy of a main stream product. There’s no need for a Christian version of “Chocolate Rain. YouTube is broad enough that it’ll easily accept a Christian subset. There are groups they can form under the YouTube banner. And it’s more likely to reach the audience they’re supposed to be going after: Non-Christians. Feels more like a business plan than something to help the world.

Wow. There has been great conversation here. Thanks for your additions!

Kim – Great point about content that may or may not be desired or suitable for what one is looking for.

Kyle – Great suggestion. Keep an eye out for some more possibilities for video conversation from Resurrection coming soon.

Amy – Hmm, JesusTube is pretty clunky. I’m not sure what would be better…

deviant monk – great thoughts and I do think that we could do more on youtube at Resurrection

Jason Gant – Thanks for your addition, I resonate with the struggle that you describe.

madmonq – I think that you may be right.

Madmonq–I find your comment about “stonings” incredibly offensive. Have you looked at IslamicTube? I think you will find a wide range of opinions, invitation to discussion, and many representations of Islam that are far from “militant.”

Your lack of sensitivity is exactly why I think Muslims (and Jews) would want to have their own, isolated, video content site.

Amy. I tried to qualify my remarks by using the term “militant”. I truly believe any non-militant muslim etc to understand the difference. They would not recognize themselves in that remark. I assumed the reader would recognize that as well. If some idiot takes that as further justification to hate, then they are part of the problem as well, right?

“Own isolated video content?” Then why is it on the internet?

I will say this. I will not be thought of as narrow minded when a suspect (or religious leader) claims religious or cultural percecution for clear cases of abuse, rape and/or murder. I call bulls#it on that. I understand that’s an extreme example but it’s not unheard of, either. I don’t believe our attempts at being an open society should be used against us. I imagine most wouldn’t disagree with that.

If it helps at all I’m not a fan of any religion per se. The extreme end of Christianity in America has been mitigated by money and openness, though it could be much, much better. Otherwise I might have been burned at the stake by now (just kidding (I think).

Thank you Mr Conard.

Andrew, you seemed to have touched a nerve. I’ve talked about this a couple of times myself and said similar things as you did:

I’d guess the Resurrection member who asked you about these sites had seen this article in USA Today (reprinted in the KC Star last Saturday):

Peace! Hey there,

Interesting post, …

We didn’t expect the phenomenon brought by YouTube, a site that tore down all the video sites that existed. This phenomenon was brought due to the feature that made the users in charge! People loved the idea of sharing their videos, we even became huge fans, its incredible the amount of Islamic related videos which can be found on YouTube, however slowly slowly it seemed YouTube was getting out of control, women’s butts became the featured videos found on the home page! Although being a huge fan of YouTube, to save ourselves from accidentally clicking on inappropriate videos we had to make an alternative for ourselves and the Muslim nation. But, is not completely aimed at Muslims, it was planned to cater for all people who can learn more about Islam and its misconceptions.

We wanted to offer a service that is appealing to Muslims and within set conditions that caters for Islamic values. YouTube is a great website, what we wanted to do is, filter out some videos which by Islamic standards and ethics will not be acceptable, and provide the best of Islamic and general videos to the wider community via our website.

Takecare Andrew. All the best.

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