Speedlinking – December 12, 2007

7 thoughts on “Speedlinking – December 12, 2007

  1. Andrew:

    I really appreciate your Speedlinking posts. In a previous post, you asked for feedback about these. I find your format to be effective and helpful, with a link to the blog and to the specific post.

    Just curious about how you read so many blogs… Do you subscribe to them in a reader, or how does that work? How much time do you devote daily to reading blogs, posting replies, and your own daily posting? As someone new to blogging, I find it challenging to keep up with all this! Suggestions? Hints?

  2. Kevin – No problem!

    Allen – I am glad to hear that you like the speedlinking posts. I definitely subscribe in a reader and could not do it otherwise. I won’t subscribe to a blog unless they offer a full feed of all their posts, as I do not generally find it worth it to visit the site unless I want to comment.
    I recommend using http://www.google.com/reader to keep up with other blogs. I am currently subscribed to 162 blogs and spend maybe 30 or 45 minutes per day reading and / or posting. One of the things that wordpress allows is future dating of posts, so I could write several posts at one sitting and time them so that they will be released one a day over the next few days. I usually do this when I write so I can have a post a day while not having to write each day. Hope that helps!

  3. Andrew, I like the Wakeup Clothing link. Those shirts are cool. I actually own one that says “Jesus is my homeboy.” I got it back when I was still in the nominally/non-religious category cause I thought it was funny…but now I like it for a new and much more important reason. Thanks for the link. And I’m looking forward to hearing you preach at Resurrection.

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