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A Day Away – For Spiritual Renewal

One week ago, I woke up at Tall Oaks Conference Center ready for a day retreat. This was a retreat that was provided by the Staff Parish Committee for all staff members encouraging time for spiritual renewal, devotional time and rest. As a staff member, I contacted Tall Oaks to reserve a time and meals as they were available during the day. The Staff Parish Committee provided two resources for the day – The Will of God by Leslie D. Weatherhead and Praying with John Wesley by David A. deSilva.

I had a wonderfully refreshing time away. I caught up on sleep, read scripture for an extended time, walked a labyrinth, hiked through the woods, read The Will of God and used Praying with John Wesley as a guide for morning and evening prayer. I felt renewed in my spirit and reconnected with God. I also came up with a rough draft of my goals at Resurrection for 2008. Good times.

I would like to make this a quarterly experience for me. I think that a day away will continue to be an important part of caring for my soul and my life in ministry. Thanks Staff Parish!

Here are some pictures from the day:



By Andrew Conard

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ianbeyer – Sure enough 🙂 It was a beautiful time to visit with the leaves changing color.

gavin – Thanks. It was great and I highly recommend a retreat day for anyone.

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