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God Loves the World

John 3:16 is, for many reasons, one of the more well known verses among religious and non-religious people:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

These words have implications for communities and individuals and for creation. God loves the world – not just individuals. I believe that we are called to love what God loves and this extends too our stewardship of and care for creation.

What do you think?

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By Andrew Conard

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Here is the Greek (ala Strong) for earth:

γῆ .. gē .. ghay
Contracted from a primary word; soil; by extension a region, or the solid part or the whole of the terrene globe (including the occupants in each application): – country, earth (-ly), ground, land, world.

Here is the Greek for world (ala Jn 3:16):

κόσμος .. kosmos .. kos’-mos
Probably from the base of G2865; orderly arrangement, that is, decoration; by implication the world (in a wide or narrow sense, including its inhabitants, literally or figuratively [morally]): – adorning, world.

Why do you think that there are two different words?

Possibly there is a difference between the the world He loves and the world that we are charged to care for.

To repeat your question: What do you think?

Cheers, Bob

kansasbob – great question 😉 I think that all of creation is what God referred to as good. I think that one part that we can play in living into and as a part of the kingdom of God is being good stewards of the natural resources which are at our disposal. This can be in big or small ways depending on our particular place in life. However, every little bit counts.

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