Ahh! Kansas

I have been staying at the Kansas cabin at Mount Sequoyah this week while at the New Church Leadership Institute. Here is the lovely exterior of the Kansas cabin.

Do you notice the sign on the railing? Here is a closer look…

I laughed out loud when I remembered the song that went along with these two words. Does anyone else from Kansas remember this particular tourism campaign for the state?

2 thoughts on “Ahh! Kansas

  1. I definately remember the ad campaign! As soon as I saw your blog title I thought maybe there was supposed to be another “h” or a hyphen somewhere… And now I can’t remember for sure…

    It was great to finally meet you in person last week @ Resurrection.

  2. Jeff – You might be right about the spelling, I am not sure either. What I definitely remember is the four distinct pitches followed by the percussion beats – Aaahh. Aahh. Kan. Sas. BAHM BAHM

    It was great to see you as well last week. 🙂

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