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YouTube and the Church

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I recently read about a fascinating application of YouTue in the ongoing presidential debates – The CNN / YouTube debates. Here is the video explaining the concept…

I think this is great. The playing field is leveled across the country – anyone can submit questions. How might this be applied in the church? Here at Resurrection, RezLife has a YouTube Channel which is often communication from the church to the youth and congregation. What if it was the other way around?

  1. What if the members of a congregation asked questions via YouTube for a pastor?
  2. What if the Bishop responded to YouTube videos?
  3. What if General Conference utilized online video to receive petitions?
  4. Do you know of places where online video is being used effectively by the church?
  5. Do you know of places where online video is being used interactively with the church?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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