Tools for Productive Ministry – Part 2 of 3

I have found several online tools that increase my productivity and are quite helpful in my role as pastor. One of them is:


Highrise is a product of 37 signals who also has a quality blog – Signal vs. Noise. From the Highrise website:

The answer to the avalanche

So many people. So many phone calls, emails, notes, follow-ups, and tasks. Who’s this person again? When did we last speak? What did we talk about? Has anyone else in my company talked to this person? What’s supposed to happen next? Highrise is here to keep track of it all.

One history, many interactions

Highrise is your homebase for everyone that’s important to your business. It puts together all those little points of contact so you can see the bigger picture. It makes one history out of many interactions. Highrise helps you make sense of it all.

Not too little, not too much

Your address book doesn’t do enough. Traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tries to do too much. That’s why we built Highrise. It’s the just-right, more thoughtful way to keep track of the people, conversations, and tasks that are the lifelines of your business.

I use Highrise to keep track of the interactions that I have with people. It has an amazingly simple interface that allows one to keep notes on individuals, add contact information, assign tasks connected with contacts, and forward emails that will automatically connect with the contact. I have been using Highrise for a few weeks now and have found it extremely valuable in tracking the individuals with whom I have had interaction and what next steps are with each person. I hope to be able to utilize multiple users as the Congregational Care Minister position at Resurrection continues to move forward.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Do you use Highrise or other 37 signals applications?
  3. Do you have any tips or tools to share?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

6 replies on “Tools for Productive Ministry – Part 2 of 3”

Thanks for the great tools Andrew. Tips like these are essential in helping people like me find the right tools for ministry!

Yea, thanks for the info.
I really need to learn how to be more organized. Stemming from seminary days, i still tend to do everything last minute… and that’s never good.

For the highrise, which plan do you use?

Sorry man, I’m just excited anticipating #3. 🙂

Google reader is about the most I can handle technologically speaking! I would say that Gmail is about the best email service for me as a pastor because of the searchability function. Oftentimes I can pull up things that I have communicated with others in a flash when otherwise they would be lost to history.

Joseph and Will – I signed up for the free plan, which is working great for me right now. I may have to upgrade if I am going to utilize it with others. I’m not there yet, but I would like to get there. It would be sweet if the whole congregational care team was on board, but I’m not sure if that will happen any time soon.

Matt – Sorry to be anti-climactic with part 3. Looks like you’ve already got Google Reader figured out… 🙂

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