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Review of The Form and Power of Godliness

I have posted a review of The Form and Power of Godliness: Wesleyan Communal Discipline as Voluntary Suffering (PDF document) by Kevin Watson. This paper was originally presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society.

In the review, I seek to address themes of the paper, application and relevance to The United Methodist Church and application and relevance to the congregation to which I am appointed. You can download the PDF document of the review here – Review – The Form and Power of Godliness or on the Documents page of this site.

I would love to hear your thoughts, responses and comments on this review. Please comment on this post. Thanks!

By Andrew Conard

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My name is Gustavo Daniel Romero. I am an Argentina Methodist Church member. My family are a pioneer in this dear church. I am a professional administrator, psychologist, I am an theology student and I am preparing a thesis in theology at Latino American Biblical Seminary in Costa Rica, about Small Groups or Class Meeting in Wesleyan Movement. The idea is to study that question and to intend apply these ideas in Methodist Church in Argentina. I read in Spanish the book about “Covenant Discipleship” by David Lowes Watson, but I can´t to find others books about this topic in Argentina. David sent me the book “The Early Methodist Class Meeting: Its Origins and Significance”. Too, Steve Manskar sent me a paper in Spanish, too. so I don´t must pay the mailing -it is very expensive for me-. Lord has blessed me with the concern of these brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so glad and grateful!

I read the excellent article by Kevin Watson The Form and Power of Godliness: Wesleyan Communal Discipline as Voluntary Suffering, about small groups.
Because of that, please dear methodist brother, I would appreciate so much if you share with me some information, ideas, advises or files in English or Spanish about this theme in order to help me. It would be a great blessing for me! Thank you very much! Lord bless you!

Gustavo D. Romero

Besares 3129

Zip Code: 1429

Capital Federal

República Argentina

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