At the Emerging Church New Starts conference, I heard about an upcoming website. It launched this week.
From the website: is a group of reflective ministry practitioners who provide coaching, consulting, and resources for people leading in deep shift ā€“ faith community and church leaders, nonprofit leaders, and others.

I am interested in attending the “Everything Must Change Tour” when it is in Kansas City. I am always interested in conversations about the future of the church. I am also interested in attending part or all of General Conference which will run concurrently. Thoughts?

By Andrew Conard

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Ooo. Great find man. I am so there in April next year.

My thought – you’d have one hard time finding two events occurring at the same time that are more dissimilar. I say that having never been to either, but this is what I would surmise. I’m going to guess you can see the future of the church at either, but it is not the same church.


hey hey, first stop! nashville !!! wha-hoo!

i am guessing that it is in the style of the rob bell “concert” tour that got all the buzz

Brian – I think that you are right here. My hope is that there will be more convergence in these two areas than there is currently.

Gavin – I’m not familiar with the Rob Bell’s “concert” tour. Any more guidance?

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