Speedlinking – May 1, 2007

  1. Bishop Scott Jones writes about the future of the United Methodist Church at UMC’s big picture is bright. A vision of hope is an important component of moving forward from any current state.
  2. Bishop William Willimon posts a list of Søren Kierkegaard’s demands for pastors at Kierkegaard on Pastors Who are Servants of the Truth. Excellent reminder of the role of servant leader.
  3. Several days ago, I wondered about the role of a pastor in response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I found a great answer from Chuck who provides a guide to Ministry to a community in grief.
  4. Aging clergy is an issue across many denominations. Steve points to a comical call to the priesthood.
  5. An invitation to be invitational – Cory highlights a Interesting Campaign Encouraging Invite Someone to Church.

By Andrew Conard

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