Emerging Church New Starts – Notes

One of they key things that I learned at the Emerging Church New Starts conference is that one of the main roles of a pastor is to create the culture in which disciples of Jesus Christ can be made. An old or even current model is that the pastor created results. What may work best into the next few years is that the pastor creates culture. This requires equipping others for ministry, collaborating efforts and coalescing passions of others – being a caretaker of the culture of the church. This is a role which no one else can do.

If you take the time to read the notes, please comment on this post. If you have any questions about what you read, leave them in the comments here and I will address them in later posts. I would love to write more about the conference, but particularly want to write what would be interesting to you.

You can find the notes that I took at the conference via this link – Emerging Church New Starts – Notes (PDF Document) or in the Documents section of this website.

By Andrew Conard

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