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Excerpt from Around the Corner, weekly email announcements from Resurrection:

Portable Building Permit Expiring; Staff Moving to New Office Space.

On April 13 and 20, approximately 40 Resurrection staff members will be relocating to ministry offices at 12900 Metcalf Avenue, Suite 200 in the Southcreek Office Park. Ministries located at the Southcreek Office will be Adult Discipleship, Missions, Communications, Creative Worship, Human Resources and Stewardship, as well as our Executive Directors. Our main reception area and switchboard on the Central Campus will be relocated in the East Building. All other ministries and staff will remain in their current office locations. Please refer to our website for more ministry information and a directory of staff locations.

Our Board of Trustees leased the Southcreek office space to replace the portable trailer that has housed our offices for 13 years. This was deemed preferable to converting classrooms to offices in our current facilities. We were able to obtain good lease rates for the new space, and donations of office furniture and cubicles made it a cost-effective solution. We moved the portable building, which was the Leawood City Hall prior to our acquisition of it, to our site in 1994. It served at one time as our children’s Sunday School building, then as an adult classroom building, and, for the last 9 years, as offices. We were given a two-year permit thirteen years ago, and the city has graciously allowed us to renew it every two years. Two years ago, they stipulated that it would no longer be renewed, and the current permit expires on April 30. After the building is vacated, it will be used by local law enforcement agencies for training exercises and then dismantled.

This week I will be moving to a new office space. (Yes, I enjoy the movie. No, the movie does not provide an accurate picture of the work environment at Resurrection.) All my things are boxed up and ready for the great people of the Facilities Team to move out. While many of my fellow annex-dwellers will be moving to office space off campus, I will be staying on campus and moving into the East Building. Clif and the IT team has done a great job in the transition – getting phones, network and computers set up. You can find pictures of the move to the new office building here.

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Matt – Sure enough. I am not sure of the break down between private offices, shared offices and cubicles, but I know there are some of each. In my new office, the first room that you enter has two cubes and then there are two private offices off of that space. I’m still getting settled down.

The setting you minister in is so different, I can hardly imagine or picture it. It just blows my mind to think of cubicle based ministry…not in a negative way…just in a mind-blowing way.

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