Speedlinking – March 30, 2007

  1. Craig writes about the importance of the environment in a church in It Shouldn’t Matter, But… (Part 1). I think that he is right on here.
  2. T.J. has excellent reflections on the perceptions of Christians in culture – Why I Don’t Want To Be A Christian. In the post, T.J. names seven reasons why one would not want to be a Christian. Outstanding post – writing what is often unspoken and unwritten. Looking forward to the follow up…
  3. Missional Jerry‘s post brought my attention to The Gospel and the God-Forsaken: The Challenge of the Misisonal Church in Suburbia by Todd Hiestand. At Todd’s post, you can download a PDF document of a paper by the same name.
    1. I have read the article and will post a review / response next week.
  4. Marc Brown writes in Leading Ideas about Jesus defining the reality of the kingdom of God through asking the right questions in Jesus Asked the Right Questions.
  5. Steve has a great image of church planting at this post – Of olive trees and church planting
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