Easter at Resurrection

The web information about Easter Sunday at Resurrection has been released. There will be 12 worship services on Easter Sunday weekend here. Part of the planning process for both Easter and Christmas Eve is thinking about how to ensure that there is space for the visitors that are coming to the church for the first time. At both Easter and Christmas Eve there are certain times that are most popular. For example – Most people want to come to church on Easter Sunday morning (vs. Saturday or Sunday evening).

One of the questions that get asked – How can we encourage our members to choose another service outside “peak time” that will allow visitors to be welcomed in worship during that time?

Questions for any congregation regardless of size –

  1. How do you effectively welcome visitors on Christmas and Easter?
  2. What type of worship experience will be meaningful for both deeply committed Christians and non religious visitors?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner