Speedlinking – March 24, 2007

  1. Bishop William Willimon of the North Alabama Conference writes about the worship experience in Meeting and Being Met by God. I found this to be a refreshing reminder of why a community of faith gathers in worship.
  2. Joshua writes about 10 Ways to Keep Me From Discovering Your Church. Great post and helps me think about the issue in different ways. I was alerted to this post by Kevin at Church Marketing Sucks
  3. Kathy writes a post about How to host a product / feature design party. I wonder if this could be used for long range worship planning…
  4. Matt at Catching Meddlers writes about The Movement of the Father in the parable of the lost son. Excellent analysis and application of scripture.
  5. Dr. Mark DeVine writes about the emerging movement and Southern Baptists. This article was brought to my attention by Cory at Church Communications Pro via this post.

By Andrew Conard

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