Financial Oversight and Integrity

Matt raised a question about Adam Hamilton’s Financial Transparency and I wanted to clarify the situation for him and others who may be interested.

On March 11, 2007 the front page story in the Kansas City Star was Lax financial oversight riles some church followers. The article is about questions surrounding financial integrity, practices and oversight at First Family Church, located in southern Johnson County. I invite you to read the article.

Rev. Adam Hamilton, founding pastor at Resurrection, wrote a response in a letter which was first read at staff chapel and then sent to the congregation. You can find the message here.

First Family Church and the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection are located less than 2.5 miles apart in the southern part of the Kansas City metro area. There have been responses to the original article in both Letters to the Editor of the Kansas City Star and in the blogosphere. Some of these responses have been critical of mega churches in general and Resurrection in particular.

Although I recognize that it is difficult, my hope is to resist making, carrying or passing on stereotypes of any type concerning congregations, communities, people groups or individuals.

By Andrew Conard

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Gordon – I cannot speak from first hand experience, but I believe that the comments are in regard to theological issues – not what was specifically addressed in this article.

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