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Emerging Church New Starts

In this simple post, Brian McLaren drew my attention to a conference being held by the North Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, titled – Emerging Church New Starts: Where do you begin?

As a United Methodist, I think that this is a sign of hope within the denomination. This seems to be an intentional effort to not only start new congregations, but to do so in a way that addresses realities of culture today. Personally, I have interest in both the emerging movement within mainline denominations and new church starts and may be interested in a quick trip to Atlanta for this opportunity. What do you think?

  1. Is an “emerging church” start different than any other new congregation? If so, what are some distinct characteristics? If not, why not?

By Andrew Conard

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I’m going back through and reading these posts, the issue of the emerging church is one that is also of particular interest to me.

A distinct characteristic of the “emerging church” movement seems to be the embracing and understanding of the postmodern movement. This of course emphasizes the validity of personal truth over universal truth. In the context of a church this means personal testimony is given equal footing with scripture.

More than that the postmodern movement would seek to challenge the entire meta-narrative of organized religion. This involves traditional power structure and symbols of power such as professional clergy.

I’m not up for belaboring the point, suffice to say I also see the possibility for renewal in the movement, but also challenges to me personally.

Further conversation will be important : )

Ben – Thanks for your comments and response. I agree that the emerging movement within the church has some foundations in addressing the postmodern movement. I am not sure that this inherently means equal authority for personal testimony and scripture, but it could move in that direction.

I do agree that there is a need to address the challenge to the meta-narrative of organized religion. I wonder if this could be switched to the Christian community and discipleship challenging the meta-narrative of global capitalism?

I agree – further conversation is key…

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