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United Methodist Pastor Email

In the Kansas East Conference newsletter this past week, I found a link to: This is a survey on the use of email for churches and pastors and seems to be researching the possibility of an email address that could remain with an individual throughout changes in appointment. I think that this would have the potential to be an effective system to remain in contact with colleagues and increase collaboration across the denomination.

I encourage you to take the survey and let your opinion count. Take the survey here.

By Andrew Conard

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2 replies on “United Methodist Pastor Email”

I looked at the questionairre…and it doesn’t apply to laity who wish to stay in touch with their pastors, after they’ve left a congregation. I email my former pastor regularly, and agree that it would be nice for them to have a permanent address provided by the church for communications. Oh well, so much for the laity.

I vote yes to the permanent address, so put some laity responses into the equation. My two cents worth (make that less than that, as email is – for the moment – free).

Brother Marty – Thanks for your response. If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to go ahead and fill out the survey. I think that the more responses the better. Thanks for your contributions.

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