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Curating Space for Life and Relational Groups

In the final morning of the Mainline Emergent/s gathering, Karen Ward spoke about some of the practices that they share as a community at Church of the Apostles. They are focused around three core questions, which they find people in their community to be asking:

  • Who is God and does God matter?
  • What is the church and does the church matter?
  • Who am I and do I matter?

One of the ways that Church of the Apostles understands the building in which they meet is that of a building building in which the congregation meets is a space within the neighborhood. It is a space that the congregation has a responsibility to curate for the life of the community.

Tim and Saranell Hartman spoke about the community that they are forming in Baltimore, Maryland. They came from California to Maryland to start a congregation for persons under age 35. However, they discovered that the area to which they were called did not have this demographic present! They since moved to Baltimore and have been seeking to form community there. They are focusing on:

  • Relationships – forming small groups
  • Empowering people to live in the kingdom – local action and global awareness
  • What does it look like to worship together? This only after the first two.

Their desire is to create a movement of people seeking to live in the kingdom of God in Baltimore.

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner