Fasting and Spiritual Disciplines

The topic of fasting was brought to my mind by Gordon in his post: “You Shall Not Live By Bread Alone”. I have pursued the discipline of fasting at several times in the past. I have found that fasting is a discipline that does not necessarily produce fruit in a single instance. It takes the continued habit over a period of time. I suppose that is the purpose and meaning behind the understanding of spiritual disciplines. These are things that become a part of our life and over time become a natural part of our lives.

A resource that I have found particularly useful in both the understanding and practice of fasting and other spiritual disciplines is Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I recommend this book to those seeking a better understanding of spiritual disciplines and how they might become a part of our walk with God.

By Andrew Conard

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Foster’s book is one of my favorites. How are you doing with the fasting thing?

Gordon – I am planning to begin tomorrow (Wednesday) and pursue once a week fasting from food. I have not yet decided how many meals I will begin with… Thanks for the accountability / encouragement.


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