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What is the Extreme Center?

I recently wrote a post about my hope that by blogging I will contributing to a middle way / extreme center theological position online. Kim left a comment asking what exactly that means. Here is a summary from our Bishop, Scott Jones, describing the extreme center in Adam Hamilton’s book, Christianity’s Family Tree: What Other Christians Believe and […]

Ordination in the UMC: Doctrinal Papers

A few weeks ago, I made a proposal to make publicly available the documents produced by candidates for ministry in The United Methodist Church. To that end, I have published my Doctrinal Papers in regard to Theology, Vocation and The Practice of Ministry for Admission to Full Connection and Ordination as Elder in the Kansas […]

Ordination Paperwork in the UMC: A Provocative Proposal

I have been working to complete my paperwork for ordination and full membership as an elder in the Kansas West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. I realized that this vast body of theological thought is going to waste after it is being turned in. It would be a great gift to the church […]

Theology, Vocation and The Practice of Ministry – A Work in Progress

I am currently working on preparing my ordination papers to be considered for ordination and full membership in the Kansas West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. I have made one of the primary documents, Theology, Vocation and The Practice of Ministry, available at http://ow.ly/NqmE so that you might know more about my understanding of theology, […]

Why was God depicted as a woman in The Shack?

Various forms of this question were also common last Thursday at Discussions on The Shack. Also the follow up question of – Is this depiction of God okay? I believe that God was depicted as a woman in this book to provoke strong reactions in people and push the reader out of her or his […]

With what theology in The Shack do you disagree?

Out of all the questions that I received last Thursday at Discussions on The Shack, I experienced this as the most pressing from those that were there. All quotes come from Young, William Paul. The Shack. Los Angeles: Windblown Media, 2007. Here are a few my areas of disagreement… The church “‘It’s simple, Mack. It’s all […]

Integrating the Variegated Life of Theology and Ministry

Does that title make sense to you? It is going to make more sense to me this week. I am currently a probationary member of the Kansas West Annual Conference. I am in a time of preparation for ordination. One of the requirements for ordination is to respond to a series of theological questions in […]

Speedlinking – August 21, 2008

Whatever Happened to Wesley’s Explanatory Notes? Great question from Kevin Watson. How would you define what’s necessary for a group to become a church? Another great question, this time from Tony Steward. Ben Simpson compiles some well written thoughts on the times in which we live at Thoughts… Assessing our Time… My Path to Me […]

Name Your Price II – Church, Faith and Theology Books

As Nicole and I are starting to pack up to move to our new home we continue to unclutter our bookshelves and you can benefit. This is Name Your Price – Round 2. Name your price on any or all of the books that you can find here – http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pRDjTt3QKYSm_9L3uNCYmQw Send me an email at […]