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Speedlinking – June 4, 2010

The World Map of Touristyness is a cool look at the world. Walk a mile in another’s shoes – Connecting with the right community has step by step advice for doing just that. Want people to start reading the Bible? come to worship? etc. Check out Behavior Change Made Easy (sort of) Another good nugget […]

Speedlinking – August 19, 2009

Children, Children Everywhere – From my Dad’s trip to Africa The Report of Section 23 – From my Dad’s trip to Africa Preaching at Streamview – From my Dad’s trip to Africa Soon I Will Be a Dad. I Am Learning New Things All the Time – Excellent tip! Church Online: Strengths – Reflections from […]

Speedlinking – October 16, 2008

Dear God, thanks for nothing offers a great perspective on prayer. iPhone, TMobile’s G1 and the church at The Problem With An Industry of Cool… A great comparison at Washington Redskins and Church. Three Translations gives great insight to interacting with scripture. A brilliant idea at Simple Way to Invite

Speedlinking – October 1, 2008

tough questions from an upper elementary student about missions and Santa Roman Catholic Practices in United Methodist Worship? Great question and response… Great questions for Evaluation of weekend worship The Simplicity Beyond Complexity – a great quote shared among leaders that I respect. A great reminder for me right now at Get to vs. have […]

Speedlinking – August 21, 2008

Whatever Happened to Wesley’s Explanatory Notes? Great question from Kevin Watson. How would you define what’s necessary for a group to become a church? Another great question, this time from Tony Steward. Ben Simpson compiles some well written thoughts on the times in which we live at Thoughts… Assessing our Time… My Path to Me […]

Speedlinking – June 21, 2008

Ben Simpson writes that Sometimes Eschatology Makes Me Want to Vomit – I agree! Signal vs. Noise post, Finding the natural size of your company, has great application for faith communities. When you have to go, some places are better than others – America’s Best Restroom 2008 (I am not kidding.) Practical Advice on boarding […]