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Clinical Pastoral Education – Over Half Way

This week I moved over the half way point in my unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. It has been an excellent learning opportunity throughout and I am looking forward to the ways that I will continue to learn about myself, others and interpersonal interactions. Graduation is April 27. 95 days to go.

Adventures in Ministry – December 15, 2008

Today I am introducing what will become a regular part of my blog – Adventures in Ministry. There are all kinds of adventures that take place in ministry and from time to time, I am going to reflect on and share some of the more meaningful, wacky or inspirational adventures that I have had in […]

Clinical Pastoral Education

I am currently taking Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Saint Luke’s Hospital. I have received a lot of questions about it and wanted to take the opportunity to respond here. What is CPE? I would first commend a great wikipedia entry on clinical pastoral education to get an idea of the overall program design. Here […]

First Day of Clinical Pastoral Education

Yesterday was my first day of Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Luke’s Hospital (which in case you are wondering is affiliated with the Episcopal church). It was filled with safety videos, orientation, ID badges, cafeteria lunch and getting to know others on the spiritual wellness team. It is going to be a great experience and […]

Thinking or Feeling?

Last week I interviewed for a clinical pastoral education position at St. Luke’s Hospital. I felt as if I learned more about self-reflection in less than one hour than I may have learned in the past 1.5 years. I discovered that I have a clear tendency to start with my head, to understand, to comprehend, […]