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Behavior Change in the Church

One of the goals in the mission of the church is changing behavior. Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Making a disciple of Jesus Christ means that one wasn’t before. It also means that there is something that sets apart a disciple of Jesus Christ from someone who is not. […]

Speedlinking – June 4, 2010

The World Map of Touristyness is a cool look at the world. Walk a mile in another’s shoes – Connecting with the right community has step by step advice for doing just that. Want people to start reading the Bible? come to worship? etc. Check out Behavior Change Made Easy (sort of) Another good nugget […]

Speedlinking – May 21, 2010

What Behavior Are You Selling? It is nearly all behavior change in the church. Great perspective at What Role Do You Play as “the Leader. A Small Significant Moment made me stop and consider my ministry. How to Lead Without Saying a Word Andy’s Answers; How Mitch Joel is building online communities that scale has […]

Pollyanna Principles for The UMC

Several months ago, I read the post The Pollyanna Principles for Social Change, which lead me to The Pollyanna Principles. From the website: The Pollyanna Principles The Ends: 1. We accomplish what we hold ourselves accountable for. 2. Each and every one of us is creating the future, every day, whether we do so consciously […]

Changing the Atmosphere

Nicole and I recently purchased a dehumidifier for our basement. After it’s arrival, I set it up, plugged it in and turned it on. When I checked on it the next day, the water reservoir was full and the atmosphere was noticeably different. I knew that it needed to be dehumidified, but was still surprised […]

Incremental Change in Sports and Church

Tomorrow the Kansas City Chiefs begin their 50th season with a preseason game against the Houston Texans. I am hopeful for a better season than last year with a refreshed roster and coaching staff. I’m not predicting the Super Bowl, but a .500 season is quite attainable. For sports teams and churches, incremental changes are […]

Invitations to Young Leaders in the UMC

Currently within the United Methodist Church many persons are taking action toward renewal. Together these actions create a movement of change. I have five invitations for you along with links to specific posts which provide additional about each one. I invite you to: Join other young United Methodist leaders in 40 days of prayer beginning on May […]

Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight

I received Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight, by Karen Saclf Linamen with a slight hesitancy. I thought that this book would be only for women and I would struggle moving through it from beginning to end. I was wrong. Linamen provides solid advice about life change that is written in a light hearted and fun […]